October 10, 2023
My personal history with spirituality

When I was in my mother’s womb, my father thought he knew nothing about rising children. He went to a small library and the librarian gave him the book “Education for Freedom” by Rudolf Steiner. So began a life for my parents and for me in the awareness that everything has soul and that our […]

May 30, 2023

ArtAfterApocalypse is not a zoo animal that you can lock up and then savely observe from the outside. It cannot be framed in order to be able to analyze, define and consume it in a save tame.   ArtAfterApocalypse is free and wild And above all, it is contagious, engaging,  enlightening. It vibrates with you […]

May 24, 2023
Our miracle of time

I am so deeply fulfilled – my chest could burst with gratitude and humility at the same time to be able to experience this miracle (of time)! All together we wake up, become aware – clean up and go into compassion, loving togetherness, common creativity! Can now perceive dimensions that we once thought were legends […]

May 21, 2023
The magic of the spirit world

Someone came to me who had tried for years to become pregnant. Doctors couldn’t find a reason. I did a healing, transfered some energy from the spirit realm and as I knew she loves her garden, spirits message was in a shortened expression: plant seeds as much as you can. Take something strange in and […]

Print on paper - 19 A4 prints - 25 euros per print. The original oil on canvas 2500 euros all inclusive.
May 2, 2023
Welcome to my blog!

Hello beautiful people! I will share here in my blog everything I get the impulses to.  I knew all my life that this time of change will come and I knew I came for supporting those who struggle during our times of change into a New World.  I knew it, because my father told me […]

Painting during the first corona days and weeks
April 9, 2020
When everything breaks up

In our common corona situation I didn’t feel the fear of dying or getting sick. But the Angst and panic all around the earth triggered my old fears of being excluded and declined and not being loved as who I am. And with this or as a result came my old fear of closeness. The […]

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