May 30, 2023


is not a zoo animal that you can lock up and then savely observe from the outside.

It cannot be framed in order to be able to analyze, define and consume it in a save tame.



is free and wild

And above all, it is contagious, engaging,  enlightening.

It vibrates with you at a frequency where you experience limitless love and freedom.

It touches you in your primal essence and opens up all possibilities for you,

Blows up your DNA and lets your true complexity bubble out of you.



Has come to invite you into our new world,

To serve you as a spaceship in our new time.

The time that reminds you of who you really are.

A time when any kind of “drug” and distraction would weight as a constraining burden on true, clear bliss.

On the bubbling dmt-releasing pineal gland.