I am the

Divinely given work of art.

Through which the life energy, the creative energy, the only inspirational energy finds its expression in various forms

And flows into this world towards the viewer in order to confront him with his own infinite creative power –

I embody this energy by continually keeping myself as pure as possible and then bring it into this world with my will.


This energy is the muse that can manifest itself in every body, in every creation if it is allowed to flow without fear.


-Spirit- answer to the question “what is art?”



One day I closed my eyes and looked in the iternity of my head and asked:

“What is my calling, my purpose here?” 

At first I only saw energies in motion.

But suddenly a crystal clear, razor-sharp image appeared in front of my third eye: a head.  A lifeless person and out of this an energy arose.

I knew exactly what my job was then:

Bringing the awareness of our soul, of our immortal parts, of our multidimensional perfection back into our lives.

I have been blissfully along this path ever since, because when I follow my destiny, I am fulfilled and happy.

I learned to communicate with this “invisible world”, to see it, to follow its signs.

Since then I have been amazed how everything fits together sensibly – daily miracles accompany me.

I can feel the future, perceive everything that happens or has happened as enrichment – or transform it.

Express wishes myself, which are immediately fulfilled as if by magic.

Because as long as I follow my calling, the “how” is completely up to me.


Our essence is everywhere and forever.

Our essence is devotion and flow –

If I invite this essence into my life, into my art,

I have to trust.

I have to open up.

I have to give myself up.

I cannot foresee or expect any result.

And if I can do it,

Just surrender to the process, the result, the complete creative prerequisites –

If I assume that everything can and must be completely open in order to let the new and our essence flow in,

Then miracles happen!

Then there is growth and change.



Eternal gratitude to be here now. 





“At Salin de Giraud – the sea is pink.

A deep pink.

Salt from the sea is harvested there in shallow beds, where over the course of a hot, long summer the relentless sun reduces their depth to very little, so that with the water having dissipated, the crystalized salt lies bare, is harvested and then pushed up into high, pure white, large etheral piles, which reach for the skies above in black nights and blue days.

In the water a particular type of algae blooms which produces carotenoids in order to protect itself from the sun.

The algae not only give the seawater here its deep, rich pink colour, but are also responsible for the soft pink flamingos pride themselves to don. They ingest the algae as they fish for crustaceans in the shallow sea water – nature simply works.

I spend a magical afternoon there with a good friend, photographing her as she moved and danced to the tune of herself against a thin, black horizon across the open water, with her spirit as inspiration and the wind to carry her beyond to the open skies.

The day was a blessing and the photos I will keep as a treasure.

Time to go.

À bientôt.”


Both pictures and blog post quote by art photographer Claudio Ahlers

Stills In Time | Claudio Ahlers | Photograper (stills-in-time.co.uk)


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