I paint wherever I am. Like this the painting doesn’t only soak in my energy and the energy of the whole cosmos, that I am connected with through painting, it takes also the energy of all people, Nature, things around.

Most of my paintings are painted under the bright sun of Arles, in the South of France, where I live.

My paintings are abstract, intuitive, mostly expressive watercolours, that make visible, like my whole art, the invisible, energetic world, that surround us and make us up.

Works of art full of flowing energies, in full color power.

It will take some time until a painting is in your hands, because it will be framed by hand with high quality museum glass to protect the watercolor.

Afterwards it will be charged by me with “healing energy”, to give a special, unique energy to everyone who watches the painting.

Within the price is the painting, the healing energy, the frame and the shipping wherever you are.

Thank you!



If you want to see more of my creations, come and visit me on my Instagram page @saskia.rosa.hartmann


Not only with paintings but as well with Performance art I bring this huge invisible world that we are into our physical realms.


I dance on the colors here, on the color spectrum of our chakras.

I feel them and then put them on paper, canvas, screen, or just into the world.

I am the channel for these colors that surround us.


If the frequencies exceed a certain level, they turn white. They then contain all the colors at the same moment.

Here on our earth, everything still vibrates so slowly that it falls apart into its individual colored parts. Also invisible things like thoughts, feelings etc…

In order to bring these high frequencies here to our earth, I choose words as the channel.

I go into high frequencies and translate the wisdom I experience there into words.

The vibration of the respective frequency is also brought here with the words. It vibrates in it the moment I say the word.

In this way, this “all in one” frequency is here in the area of ​​our world that is actually separated into individual parts and can be felt by everyone.

We can all feel these frequencies within us. Very many people either do not even know that these exist or how to connect to them.

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