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The messages in these videos are channeled from dimensions, in which all the colours of our plane are not seen separeted anymore, the frequencies are here so high, that everything turns white.




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Art, culture et foi (Paris)

Amédée Beriot et Saskia Rosa Hartmann – « Les couleurs innocentes de la paix » – Art, culture et foi (


Voir & Dire

Un site de découvertes de l’art contemporain en résonance avec le projet culturel et spirituel de Saint-Merry-hors-les-Murs

Amédée Beriot et Saskia Rosa Hartmann – Voir & Dire (

These are no paintings – This is lifeforce flowing within our world in all colours of the rainbow

Saskia Rosa Hartmann lives and works in Arles, France.

In her work she shows the flow of life energy, which is the basis of all life.

Likewise, this flow is the basis of our emotions, thoughts, …, what happens in the invisible.

Generally she uses pure colors because when we allow this invisible flow to flow freely, it is of the pure colored frequencies of our rainbow.

She often uses watercolors on paper to visualize the energetic lightness and flow of this colourful life energy.

In this invisible world, made visible by her, our common approach of composition is of no interest – But it is remarkable, that those colours, flowing out of her hands and whole being, form forms or part of forms of sacred geometry which are like those free flowing, pure colours the basis of everything there is.

The coloured flow of life energy flows everywhere in forms of sacred geometry.

In her videos and performances she also works with the flow of energy that is the basis of everything.

She allows her body to be moved by these energies and words of wisdom to flow from a connection with a level of our existence that goes beyond our everyday lives.




“Les couleurs innocentes de la paix” (“The innocent colours of peace”)

Gallery Saint Séverin in Paris

June third until september 25th – extended until october 9th 2023

In collaboration with Amédée Beriot and curator Angeline Scherf (Fondation Louis Vuitton)


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