“Dear Saskia. I want to tell you 

that your reading, when I first 

read it I did not understand of

course. Since then, you are

100% correct.”


How does healing happen?

We are much larger and more powerful than we generally know and see and can therefore assume to be true.

We can work together with our invisible parts, this infinite world, and change everything.

I think healing happens on so many different levels and most of the time we just can’t get it right.

And maybe it’s better that way, because when we bypass our conscious, critical mind and reach the subconscious with our unconscious or superconscious parts, miracle healings happen.

Here we have to adapt to our new world and simply indulge in “Spirit”.

Spirit knows what we need and will heal us.

The only thing we have to do is open up to Spirit and trust.

If you wish, I can help you in a variety of ways to connect with your whole being, your purpose, guidance and thus to happiness and health on all levels.

The best way to do this is to see individually what you need at that moment.

What I can do for example:

Trance Healing

For this I connect myself as a medium with the spiritual world, let it flow through me via a gland and channel this strong healing energy into your body.

The spiritual world decides about the intensity of the energy and what is healed in you.


To do this, I consciously connect to the “field” that surrounds and connects us all (which always acts for the benefit of the whole) and ask questions about the person or situation in question.

Energy work

This can be very different depending on the situation or state (emotional, mental, physical or spiritual).

By and large we find out what is needed and how (mostly in which energetic way) we can bring it into the person or situation.

Infinite (Higher) Self Healing

Here I either help the respective person to connect with their infinite parts, or to the part that we call “Higher Self” or connect myself to this instance in order to then transfer this energy to the respective person.

This “higher self” then answers the relevant questions in the person or releases any blockages.


For this I ask a special question, I connect to and let answer an energy that is not from our world, such as that of the “higher self”, star energies or other energies and let them speak through me or send me pictures, words, smells, which I can then translate and carry out further.

Just contact me.

Because energy that may stagnate somewhere in the body, mind or soul can be brought back into the flow, into the natural state of constant change.

Thank you. 

In those videos you can discover how I work for a reading – In personalised readings we can ask specific questions about your topic and find the right solution afterwards.

We have always the choice of how we use our energy!   Let’s do it consciously and be very powerfull!

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