The magic of the spirit world

May 21, 2023

Someone came to me who had tried for years to become pregnant.
Doctors couldn’t find a reason.

I did a healing, transfered some energy from the spirit realm and as I knew she loves her garden, spirits message was in a shortened expression: plant seeds as much as you can.
Take something strange in and forgive your ancestors.

I personally translated this message for myself with “have sex with your partner and be receptive for his male gifts“
but I let her do her own translation.

She took the message literally and went into her garden to plant as much as she could.
She ate something strange she had never eaten before and forgave her ancestors.

Then she had a dream where she saved a bird, a gray heron. The grateful heron fulfilled her a wish – her baby.

Within only some months she was pregnant and her child is now born.

During her pregnancy she’s been afraid for her child twice – every time a real gray heron appeared in her life!

We never know what the spiritual realms know.
Our infinite parts have so much more oversight and are connected to each other and to everything –

Was it her faith?
Her grounded connection to earth by sawing, her step into the unknown by eating something strange?
„The right time“?
The transfer of healing energy that moved something in her?
(I don’t believe in coincidence 😉 so it’s not one of my answers.)

What does it change when we know the answer?
Why should we try to control everything with our minds?
We take away so much mystic, power and possibilities when we do so.

Sure is, our world is ready now for our infinite power, that everybody owns.
Let’s claim it.

We live in such a beautiful mystical world. 🙏🏻