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May 2, 2023
Print on paper - 19 A4 prints - 25 euros per print. The original oil on canvas 2500 euros all inclusive.

Hello beautiful people! I will share here in my blog everything I get the impulses to. 

I knew all my life that this time of change will come and I knew I came for supporting those who struggle during our times of change into a New World. 

I knew it, because my father told me during my whole childhood – and when the time had come – for everybody obvieous with our common corona time – it has been to me like I was finally where I belong. 

I didn’t feel like an alien, like a stranger anymore, but like someone who has a mission to fulfill. 

When this time had finally come, I had so many activations, openings and downloads, I became a channel for those parts of myself that I did’t let speak for so long, because I wanted so much to fit in this society constructs. 

Everything I bring into this world, comes now from my whole activated being. 

My Art became expression of my infinite, limitless soul. 

I only live now what those impulses of my infinite parts send me. 


All my Art is avalable for you!

“Kurkuma” (Aquarelle and pencil on paper) A4