June third until september 24th – “Les couleurs innocentes de la paix” avec Amédée Beriot – Galerie Saint-Séverin in Paris, France



In my painting, in my creations, I make the invisible world of feelings, thoughts, energies, and ultimately the flow of life energy visible.

I have always felt this infinite, invisible world around us.

This world is not just outside of me, it is connected to me, I am part of this world and I let it flow through me;  Create colored shapes, form words, create movements…

A captured moment, which is put together in the painting from a series of real moments and yet allows the flow, the constant change of our lives to become visible.


In my book “My Path to Manifestation” I describe how I came into surrender, into conscious connection with my infinite parts and thus into the power of conscious manifestation.

You can read it for inspiration even if you are not interested in the world of spirituality.

Because although the spiritual component is of course mentioned in a few sentences because it is simply part of my consciousness, this book is primarily intended as a guide for those who want to regain their natural power, their individual self-expression, their responsibility for their own life. 


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