Flow of Life 10 – Saskia Rosa Hartmann

21 × 29.7 cm


Movement and love, one could also say moving love is the only lasting thing in our world.
It is precisely this love that is now moving, changing everything in and around us.

I painted this painting in autumn 2020 in Arles, in the South of France.

It is an unique and original handmade artwork, inspired by Nature.

Its size is 21 x 29.7 cm and it is available with or without passe-partout and with modern or classical frame.

It will take some time until it is in your hands, because it will be framed by hand with high quality museum glass to protect the watercolor.

Afterwards it will be charged by me with “healing energy”, to give a special, unique energy to everyone who watches the painting.

Within the price is the painting, the healing energy, the frame and the shipping wherever you are.

Thank you!

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